Soledad Miranda

Soledad Miranda, aka Susann Korda, was born in Spain on July 9th 1943. She started her acting career at age 17 (1960) in the movie 'Ursus'. In 1970 Soledad starred in the controversal movie 'Vampyros lesbos', with lots of nudity. Shortly after this movie she had a road accident in Portugal and died at age 27. Soledad and her husband were involved in a collision with a small truck which completely crushed their car. Though her husband, who was driving, only had minor injuries, Soledad received serious fractures to her skull and spine. She died hours after the accident at the Hospital of São José in Lisbon, never having come out of her coma. Soledad left a daughter with José Manuel Conceicao Simones.

"She killed in ecstacy"

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"Eugenie de Sade"

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"Eugenie de Sade"

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"Eugenie de Sade"

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"The devil came from Akasava"

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"Vampyros lesbos"

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