Leah Gibson

Leah Diane Gibson (born January 3, 1985) is a Canadian film and television actress. In 2007, she began her acting career in television, appearing on Psych, in the television film Second Sight, and on the miniseries Tin Man. She played Penelope in Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld (2008). Leah's very first lead role in a feature film, namely Amy Singer in The Devil's Ground (2009), was booked within six months of signing an agent. That same year, she portrayed the supporting role of Silhouette's Girlfriend in Zack Snyder's Watchmen, as well as a role in Happy to Be Here (2009). She continued her television career in Stranger with My Face (2009), and appeared as the character Hannah in two episodes of Riese (2009). Leah's recent work consists of episodes on The True Heroines (2012), and the pilot episode for American Housewife (2012).

"Rogue 1.03"

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