Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper (born October 10, 1949) is an American actress and producer, as well as a singer and author of children's music and books. She has appeared in more than twenty motion pictures, most notably Dario Argento's horror classic Suspiria, alongside Peter O'Toole and Mark Linn-Baker in My Favorite Year, as Phoenix in Phantom of the Paradise, and as Janet Majors in Shock Treatment, where she demonstrated great skills as a singer in the rock/pop style. She costarred with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters in Pennies from Heaven. Woody Allen featured her in his films Stardust Memories and Love and Death. She has written eleven books for children and made seven albums of songs for children. She was named by Parenting magazine as "Parent of the Month" in 2004. In 2000, she sang background vocals on selected tracks on the Dan Hicks album Beatin' the Heat.


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